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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mary Todd Blog
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Colleen Smith Wallnau as Mary Todd Lincoln

Here's what the critics are saying...

Full Review of Mary Todd in Variety

"...Play provides a role many an actress would cherish, and before it falls into the hands of a Zoe Caldwell or a Rosemary Harris, I trust Colleen Smith Wallnau will have the opportunity to reach larger audiences in her stunning performance."

Robert L. Daniels

Click on for full review by Peter Filichia in the Star Ledger

"No question that this Mary Todd has a need to explain herself, and Wallnau delivers her lines briskly, rarely taking the time to lick her lips. But she isn't going too fast to be understood -- either in speech or in capturing the essence of Mary Todd Lincoln...

She certainly is doing first-rate work with this first lady."

Peter Filichia
Star-Ledger Staff

Full Text of Dr. Cahir's Letter click here.

"...a glorious complex of construction as Mary's story, told in a non-linear manner of flashes that move forward and back in time, keeps us (the audience) moving through arcs upon arcs: arcs of experience, arcs of emotions, and arcs of meaning."

Dr. Linda Cahir
Professor of English
Centenary College

"Mrs. Wallnau's characterization of Mrs. Lincoln is so flawlessly done one could easily believe that Mrs. Lincoln herself had appeared through the medium of one of her beloved seances."

Wendy R. Williams

Smith Wallnau does a marvelous job of wrapping up all the
contradictions in her presentation of this tortured survivor. She easily
melds sharp wit and defiance with vulnerability and confusion. ...MARY
TODD: A Woman Apart
is a fine tribute to a little-understood First Lady."
Laurie Lawson

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